Be Challenged, Make Difference, Life is Precious!

Do you feel this way?…

  • Are you hungry for more in your life?
  • Do you have a successful life, and all the stuff that goes with it, but it’s not enough?
  • Is there a mismatch – you don’t feel as successful on the inside as you look on the outside?
  • Are you worried you might go to your deathbed saying ‘I wish I had done something else?’
  • Do you want to develop as a leader AND have a life beyond work?

You’re rich, successful, you have made it, if you didn’t fulfil those criteria you wouldn’t be here. You can say ‘I have made it’.

Now a lot of business is posturing, wearing the Armani suit, having the Gucci belt, projecting importance, unconsciously telling people how brilliant you are and having the command and control persona. Every leader has to do that.

But that doesn’t mean this how you feel on the inside.

If you could tap into all of the magnificence you could feel on the inside that would make you an even better leader, an even stronger person.

A person who is big enough to stand for something.

A person who is big enough to be humble and to say to others ‘Yes I’ve made a mistake’ or ‘That’s a better idea and I want to run with that’. The best leaders have around them people who are better than them. They take onto their team people who are going to surpass them.

To do that you need a really strong internal core, you need to know who you are.

You need to know the essence of who you are so you can tap into that every day. This is so you can go out and project the image and wear the Armani suit. But it’s not the outer stuff that makes the difference. You need to be the leader on the inside and really mean it and live it.

I’m going to be very annoyed with you as a leader if you are only living a 10% life. You are so focused on being a leader, so focused on the business that it squashes out everything else. So what happens when you can’t have conversations with your adult children or your marriage breaks down or you are using alcohol or drugs because the stress and strain of it is too much?

You can sweep it under the carpet, you can say ‘Oh that’s other people, that doesn’t affect me’.

We all think we are immune to life – we all look in the mirror at 20 and think ‘I’m never going to get wrinkles’ – I thought that and look at me now.

It’s other people who drink too much alcohol, too much coffee and get too little sleep. It’s other people whose marriages break down. It’s other people who have that niggling feeling that something is missing. You big up your capabilities because you don’t want to face the truth.

If you are ignoring these core problems because you think someone with your job title shouldn’t say that, or someone at your level in the company shouldn’t be feeling that, you are deluding yourself and you are selling yourself short.

Because when the leader on the inside isn’t flourishing and isn’t being challenged, you are selling yourself short.

You are selling your family and your children short, you are selling your team short and you are selling your organisation short.

The only way that this is going to correct itself is if you do the internal work that you need to do so you can feel different and behave differently – and that can have an impact on others.

But while you are only living that 10% life you are stuck.

And while you are living that 10% life how can you be an example to others? Do you want your children to live a 10% life? Of course you don’t.

The 10% life is stopping you from being a great business leader, partner, director, Dad, Mum, any of those things because you are only living a 10% life.

You are mssing the 90% and all the possibilities your life could hold. I call this Empty Achiever Syndrome™. I have the solution for you, to help you discover the missing piece of the puzzle, so you can have more.

This isn’t about fixing you or self-improvement – you are successful as you are. You don’t need ‘fixing’.

This isn’t about quick fixes of time management or getting to your goals or even decision making – you’ll know these tips and tricks already.

It isn’t about happy-clappy, high-fives motivational coaching – this is transformational coaching.

We will go more deeply into your life than ever before.

I do calm, reflective in-depth coaching that feels like work. It’s also fun and interesting, but it’s not a chit-chat over a cup of coffee. I make you work and work and work at your life. This is real, life-expanding coaching. It is not for wimps.

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