5 ways to spot if you are Suffering from Empty Achiever Syndrome

Posted by on April 20, 2015 in Press

5 ways to Spot if you’re Suffering from Empty Achiever Syndrome

2015 seems to be the year of elections: a time when whole nations are forced to reconsider what’s most important to them and act accordingly. Unlike countries that have this opportunity to change direction built into their constitution, people can and often do chug along in the same direction for years, even if on one level they know that this is not how they want to be living it all. “I call it Empty Achiever Syndrome,” says life coach Liz Copeland of lizcopeland.co.uk . “I see a lot of it amongst successful professionals who, to the outside world, look as though they have it all: the house, the family, the partner, the holidays etc. But on the inside they are feeling as though there is a missing piece of the jigsaw they just can’t get their hands on; and that the goals they went after so fervently just haven’t made them feel the way they thought they would.”

Liz has noticed that Empty Achievers commonly display one or more of the below:

  1. You’ve achieved or are near to achieving your goals but it just doesn’t feel like you imagined (You’ve climbed the ladder but it’s against the wrong wall)
  2. You yearn to change things about your life but don’t because you feel like it’s too late, too complex or you just don’t have the energy
  3. You long to make changes but other people’s expectations and a sense of duty is keeping you doing the same old thing
  4. You can’t tell anyone how dissatisfied you feel because everyone sees you as so sorted and successful they don’t take you seriously
  5. You have a nagging feeling of disappointment or dissatisfaction that won’t go away

Danger! Dissatisfaction at Work

Empty Achiever Syndrome may sound like just another name for something everyone goes through at some time, but the consequences of feeling like this can be devastating and far reaching says Liz. “This is when some of us choose to have affairs, or change jobs for little or no good reason, miistaking one life crisis for another.  We make mad changes that don’t address the problem. Without really understanding what it is we want and why we are feeling like this,  this just won’t go away and can end up affecting our relationships, sense of self esteem and the direction of the rest of our lives.

Liz coaches people through this time, helping them understand what it is they really are crying out for in their life, be it a whole new career, a divorce,  spiritual exploration, closer relationship with someone,  to start a business, write a novel, or something personal and unique to them.

Liz started her career with Price Waterhouse and CAP Scientific and left corporate world when her husband was transferred overseas. On his return, Liz started a complimentary therapy practice and ran this successfully for many years.  During this time, Liz developed a change process that would enable her clients to make emotional and practical change, and has coached over 200 people through difficult waters.


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