Are you making these mind mistakes?

Posted by on August 8, 2017 in Career Change, Handling major change, True Courage - Big Leap

Are you making these mind mistakes?


Are you assuming it will all go wrong? Of course you won’t. But I have often coached people who think if they make changes they’ll be living out of a cardboard box.

Underneath the arches at Waterloo Station.

Does Waterloo Station even have arches? I know it has ‘road works’ going on at the moment.

But back to the cardboard boxes.

I coach totally competent, intelligent, able people. Well I think they are. But they are stuck on a decision that is gnawing away at them.

And in spite of their competence, intelligence and ability, they are convinced that if they make changes they will lose everything and end up living out of a potato crate.

So, in a spirit of levity, I bring you JP Sears’ view on how to ruin your life.

He’s having fun, but there are some good messages in here.

JP Sears on How to Ruin Your Life:

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