Be inspired, inspiration for life with fizz

Posted by on March 22, 2017 in Career Change, Wizardry of Fizz

Be Inspired, Inspire others, Live & Love

Be inspired, inspire others, live and loveLife with Fizz is all about enjoying life and getting the most out of each day you live. Looking for your own inspiration will nurture you. Inspiring others is one of the most fulfilling roles you can have. So here are some thoughts and actions to move you towards life with fizz.

Be inspired

Surround yourself with things that will inspire you. You can, if you want, get a dream board together. You know, the one with the exotic vacations, flash car, young fit partner, prize-winning pooch. But really, is THAT inspirational? These are the outward prizes for people who value wealth and status, which is fine and dandy if you like that sort of thing. But it does have the air of mid-life crisis about it.

Can you, instead, be inspired by:

  • Intensely intelligent people
  • Fantastically enthusiastic people
  • Phenomenally giving people
  • Beautiful locations
  • Creative enterprises
  • Novel cuisine

Or even man-hole covers?

Just some suggestions.

You can be inspired by good deeds, lofty ideals, gorgeous quilt covers or cuddly puppies. But not too many cuddly puppies because that way you’ll waste too much time on Facebook and YouTube.

If you do not know what inspires you, how can you inspire others?

How will you know your values if you cannot find your inspiration? How will you define your goals, real tangible goals, if you do not know your values?

Action point – become aware of what inspires you and makes you interested in each day. If you are going to make changes in your life you need to be moving towards inspiration, so start here.