Does anyone need a coach?

Posted by on August 24, 2015 in Be the Leader in Your Own Life, Handling major change, True Courage - Big Leap

The reality is no one needs a coach. Sports people have coaches. Actors have coaches. But nobody needs that – you could get by in athletics without a coach, you could get by in the acting world without a coach. But you know if this is the way you operate you are never going to reach the pinnacle of your profession. Or get the best out of your life.

People who have coaches are people who want more. They want to be expert. They want to express the full range of abilities in all the circumstances they can.  They are not one-dimensional individuals. They have so much to offer and know they can offer more if they get coaching.

And nobody needs a life coach. You know how to live.  You got up today, you may hopefully wash yourself in some way, you got clothes on, you came into work and you know what to do to live on a daily basis. You don’t need a life coach – you have a coach because you want one.  You want to reach higher, you want to have more.

It is about expressing more of you to truly and fully get the most out of life.

That’s what coaching is about and one of the great joys as a coach is sharing people’s journey. They come to me as competent people, they already know what they are doing, they are already earning the money. Many are not short of ideas of what to do with their life.

They get a coach so:

  • They can reach their fullest potential
  • They have a safe space where they can say what they like without judgment
  • So they share their fears and dreams

When I see major transformations with my clients, the biggest thing is that they have shared their fears and dreams. Because think about it, when you share your fears you are sharing the true you, you are sharing the core essence of your being. And anyone who is in touch with the core essence of their being and knows how to express it in their everyday lives – they are the people who have the miracles, they are the people who have the happiness, they are people who express joy on the planet. Anyone who shares their dreams is sharing the core essence of their being.

It takes courage to do this and you can only do this with someone you trust, you can only do this with someone who listens, you can only do this when someone is there without judgment and who has an intention to help you. That’s what coaching is about.

You might come to me because you want to transition in your career. You come tomany life choices me because you have been promoted to partner and thought that would solve all your problems and you realise it is only the beginning of the journey.

You come to me because you’ve done 20, 30, 40 years in the office and you are thinking ‘I want to do something different in my life and my career but I don’t know what to do next.’

You come to me because you are a success and somehow want more, because the success you have doesn’t feel like success. It’s what I call Empty Achiever Syndrome™.

Finding the core essence of your being lets you define true success. Coaching will allow you to do this and it will allow you to blossom and flourish and go further than you ever thought you could. If you are up for the adventure of life the coaching journey is for you!

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