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Posted by on March 30, 2017 in Be the Leader in Your Own Life, Handling major change, Wizardry of Fizz

Inspiration: Be inspired, inspire others, live and love

Inspire Others -part 2 of Inspiration

Happiness comes when we live true to our highest values. And when we serve others from our highest values. This will inspire others.

It is a thrill and a privilege to be in this position of leadership, that people around you will be inspired and motivated.

If by your actions, or simply by who you are, you can get men and women to think differently or feel differently, or act differently that is something to be treasured.

It is also a great responsibility, as with inspiration you are placing a part of yourself in the minds of others. Is that something you can be proud of?

And how do you inspire. Well, think of someone who affected your life.

Was there someone in your life who inspired you? A teacher, a parent, a wise adult. Or a brother or sister who you looked up to?

Who are the people now who inspire you? Extra tip = this can be someone you know, a public figure, a historical figure, or even a fictional character. So your mum, your president or prime minister, Genghis Khan and Hercule Poirot would work. That would be an odd selection but it would count.

To get more ideas see .

Coaching question of the day: What value will you reflect in your life today so that you might inspire others?

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