Love not hate – when things go wrong

Posted by on May 23, 2017 in When things go wrong, Wizardry of Fizz

choose love not hate

It’s better for your blood pressure. If love isn’t your thing, try mild curiosity or interested observation.

I am moved to say this because of the terrorist attack in Manchester. My son lives there. He’s not the Ariana Grande demographic but he does events work. He could have been there.

Last night we quickly got in touch to check all was OK. And during that time that you wait to hear back, you know other parents are doing the same thing. You can begin to feel, just a tiny bit, the anguish of not knowing what has happened to your children.

He was working, he was safe.  The best text message I have ever received, a simple ‘I’m fine, Mum’.

And then you look at the social media, with great support and reaching out in Manchester. but also some ignorance and total hatred.

I don’t love the terrorists. I can’t love their actions. I don’t have to hate them. ‘Not hating’ does not mean condoning, or approval. But the more energy I put into hating, the more of my energy is taken over by the bad guys.

This is true of everything I hate, be it terrorist attacks or broccoli. I choose not to engage with the hatred. I choose to seek the good.

And I choose to speak to those I love and hug my (totally adult) children extra hard today.