Making life change – How to enrich your life without looking silly

Posted by on June 14, 2017 in Career Change, Handling major change, True Courage - Big Leap

life change without looking silly

How to make major life change or career change without looking silly


If you’re a serious professional who wants to enrich your life without looking silly then you need to read on.

Enriching your life and having more fun can mean dealing with the pain of worrying about one or more of these three fears:

  • What if I lose my job?
  • I’ll stay stuck forever
  • I’ll look back and regret

If you want to make changes in your life here’s how to get past each of these glitches fast.


WORRY #1: “What if I lose my job”

If you are thinking about making major career change or personal changes, it’s natural to worry about security. Change is unsettling. Almost every client I’ve ever coached secretly thinks if they make a major life change, like career change or divorce, they’ll end up sleeping in a cardboard box under a railway arch.

fear of life change or career changeYou get past this fear by really defining the change you want to happen.

Once you know what you want you can work out the ‘how’.

And along the way you can eliminate a lot of the fear around change.

A key point to remember is that change does not have to be all-or-nothing. Even in catastrophic life change some things stay the same. And the more prepared you are, the more YOU will manage the change!


WORRY #2: “I’ll stay stuck forever”

Here you want to make changes but you can’t seem to get past the inertia of staying where you are.staying stuck

You can get past this once you know what is going on. Is it a structural problem? That is, are you stuck because you haven’t defined the steps you need to take or you are not sure who to talk to? Analysing the block can help you identify the next step.

Or it might be that you really don’t want change at all, or are not ready for it yet. Although I coach clients through major life change, not all my clients need several months of coaching. Sometimes they just need one laser-like coaching session to get really clear about staying where they are!

If might be that you ARE generally happy with life now, but there is one tiny little glitch that needs sorting. That one person at work who irritates, a constant habit that bugs you – get the glitch sorted and you won’t need major change.


WORRY #3: “I’ll look back and regret”

You won’t regret than changes you made, you’ll regret the life change you didn’t make.

Here you know there is a longing in your heart that can’t be met by your current life. You’ve always wanted to break out of the world of finance and play the clarinet. Or you are a high-flying legal eagle who secretly wants to move the Highlands and climb the Munros. But you can’t see a way of doing it.

To get past this, spend a bit of time thinking about what you really want, and allocate time to the things that matter for you.

make decisions with your head and your heartA key thought to keep in mind is that decisions are made not only with your logical, thinking brain. The most significant decisions involve heart as well as brain. So, focus on a decision that works for both when you decide to change your life.




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