You want more money + success: then what?

Posted by on January 6, 2017 in Be the Leader in Your Own Life

What do you want?

Most successful people, when questioned, say they want more money, more success.

My deep, incisive, skilfull coaching questions (actually sometimes I just say ‘Explain’) reveal the following:

  1. Some people genuinely do want more success, happiness and more money. And that’s it. They are reaching for more, and just want more of what they have.
  2. Some people say ‘I want more money and success’ because that what they are supposed to say. What they really want is something new, different, and exciting. They want more but NOT the same. They may not know what they want, except that they are ready to be stretched or challenged.
  3. Some people say ‘I want more…’ because that is what they are supposed to say – and what they really want is to make a difference. To have an impact on the world. But working out how to do this, how to make this transition, is difficult. So do you transition up, down, out, sideways? Or change into a completely different person?getting clarity about success

One thing is clear, the starting point for all this is the trigger question – what do you want?

Trigger Question: what do you want?

Trigger Answer: more money, more success.

My coach’s response to this the Spice Girl’s gambit – tell me what you really, really want.

I’ve never yet had a client reply to me in song, but wouldn’t that be fun!

You might say, to your peers or colleagues that, if anything, you want more money and more success. It sounds so gung-ho, so successful, so positive, to say that.

But what will you admit to yourself? What, among your fragile, almost-wished-for hopes and dreams do you DARE to say out loud.

One client recently had a ‘wow’ experience in coaching, she said the business ideas she’d talked about she’d never mentioned to anyone before. And the wow factor was she’d never said these things even to herself! Somewhere, inside her, these amazing business plans existed, but she’d never given herself the creative permission to say them out loud.

And it’s easy to say you want more money or more success, that’s what we’re all supposed to say. For the depth of conversation we have with many business contacts, it’s enough.

But I challenge you – what do you say to yourself?

Will you admit – what you really want is to make a difference?

Can you say that what you really desire is the challenge of something new? Something that will stretch you and demand more!

The beauty of coaching is I get to help my clients create this, we have the time, the space, the safety and the energy for you to create your dreams.

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