That which does not kill you makes you stronger – disaster recovery

Posted by on April 3, 2017 in Handling major change, Wizardry of Fizz

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When disaster strikes – how to handle a crisis

One day when I felt extra-especially glum, and the whole world was crashing around me, a friend quoted this to me.

That which does not kill you makes you stronger

It was mid-divorce. Some of you will have been there and you know what it’s like.

I didn’t want to hear the words of a seriously weird German philosopher whose name I couldn’t even spell. what did HE know?

And I was tempted to say, yes but he hasn’t been through THIS! and stamp my foot.

Then I put to one side my inner five-year-old I realised it was true.

If it has not killed you then –

crisis has the capacity to make your stronger – if you let it.

Facing adversity, disaster, problems, challenges, life’s little hitches & vexations, however you want to call it, isn’t easy.

There is a point where everything is going wrong, it’s one thing after another, all news is bad news, or worse.

When life crashes around you there are various strategies you can use. The short-term strategies keep you fixed on yourself. The foot stamping, the cake eating, the alcohol glugging, for example. Or just hiding under the duvet or shouting a lot.

Longer term strategies will help get you out of, or beyond, this mess.

So here are some mini-success nuggets for when trouble strikes:

  1. This too shall pass. It won’t last forever. Your divorce, your mid-life ennui or your career doldrums will pass.
  2. Take care of the basics. What is happening now is not as important as how you react to it. Your reactions will be helped by eating some nutrients, getting rest, being supported by friends – all the stuff your granny told you.
  3. What you do next depends on collecting information, assessing priorities and making decisions. Then doing stuff. That’s about it.

You already have access to information about everything since the invention of the Gothenburg printing press (it’s called going online). So, disaster recovery comes down to you setting YOUR priorities, making decisions and taking action.

Now you have a plan to handle!

If you are ready to take action but still need help that’s where a coach is useful. And, of course, getting inspired wisdom so you can take inspired action – take a look at the Wizardy of Fizz inspirations.