The biggest project you will ever work on in your life

Posted by on August 30, 2015 in Be the Leader in Your Own Life, True Courage - Big Leap

You might feel that the biggest project you will ever work on is the multi-billion dollar deal you are currently developing. Or you might feel that the biggest project you will ever work on is your children – bringing up children is truly an exercise in courage and wonder!

These may be the biggest external projects you will ever do but they can only take place because of you. You bring your unique skills experience and personality into the mix.

The biggest project you will ever work on in your life is you.

Traditionally people make a commitment to do this at New Year with a New Year’s resolution but this is often just a list of personal promises that don’t amount to much. It’s not taken seriously. And those who do take it seriously tend to come up with a “to-do list” for a list of goals.

Now there is nothing wrong with having goals or goalsetting. But when some people think of the word “goal” they will come up with a list of things they feel they ought to do. They are goals of obligation, not goals that come out of the free-thinking visionary dreams and aspirations that drive you forward. They are goals that you feel other people would approve of if they were looking over your shoulder when you write the list. They are goals that people like you would write.

And these goals may be worthy, admirable and achievable. But if they don’t in some way tap into the essence of who you really are and what you really want to do with your life they won’t get done. Or they will get done but it will feel like incredibly hard work. And not much fun.

You are a work in progress. If you are feel that you are the “finished product” you have stopped growing and developing as person or you are standing still in your life, repeating stuff that you have done before and not making the most of your life’s journey.

excellence word cloudIf this is the case, if this describes you, you may be feeling bored or frustrated or unfulfilled. This is what I call Empty Achiever Syndrome ™. Maybe you feel that you would like to make some changes but you’re not quite sure what and in any case you have too much on at the moment to think about something new.

But one day, one day….

The reality is that you are always working on yourself whether you realise it or not. Each day you are making choices. Each day, consciously or unconsciously you are letting go of old stuff. Each day you are guiding your life, making a difference to your long-term outcomes and choosing what will be.

Now you can do this consciously or unconsciously. If you are doing this unconsciously we call this drifting, or going with the flow, or being stuck in a rut or even putting up with things. Consciously creating your future ultimately gives you more choices and is a proactive process. It’s more work at the beginning as you can’t just drift along.

It takes a bit of effort to think about what you really want and who you really are.

Once you know what you want and who you are you can begin to make choices about what you do. Here you begin to consciously create your future. And this is where the fun starts. You get more options, more choice more freedom, more energy. You rekindle the passion that you once had in your work and your life – and this is the place where miracles in your life can happen.

The miracle won’t be there with your to-do lists and your feelings of obligation and the goals that you write to impress other people. Nor will the miracle happen if you’re just sitting there dreaming dreamy visions of how glorious your future could be! The miracle occurs when you know who you are, what you want and you bring all the might and strength and free thinking energy that is within you and you apply that to your life and the lives of others.

As I say in my talks “be challenged, make a difference, life is precious!” The power of you lies in being yourself and then getting on with the to-do list. The magical transformation happens when you are ready to give yourself the gift of finding out who you really are and how you can work in this world. And by “work” I mean how you can function and flourish in this world in which we live.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is time for self-development. You need time and space occasionally stop and look at your life in the round, assess what matters to you and make sure that you are keeping on track. And allow the miracles to happen.

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