What really matters in decision-making

Posted by on August 2, 2017 in Be the Leader in Your Own Life, Handling major change, True Courage - Big Leap

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What really matters in decision-making

Decision-making is a tough business, because:

  • It takes energy
  • We like to make the right decision
  • Life is complex and it’s difficult to get it right

According to Moran Cerf (yes, that’s a real name) the key component that makes decision-making easier is to….

(drum roll)

…choose your friends so they can reduce the decision-making effort.

This is outlined in an article by Chris Weller, writing in The Independent. The article can be found here:


I agree that decision-making takes effort. This is why it’s really difficult to make decisions when you are tiredangry monster pic or when your brain is processing a lot of other things (e.g. anger or grief).

And I totally see the point of surrounding yourself with people who can make decisions easier. Choosing a restaurant for example. If I’m in a group I don’t mind which restaurant I go to unless its a cuisine I hate. So I’m happy for others to choose. I can save my decision-making muscles for the actual food.

When I put a token in the Community Matters box at the supermarket I am happy that they have already chosen 3 charities that I can support. ALL the charities are worthy and I used to spend time considering which one to support, but that was too much decision-making energy. So now I put my token in the box with the fewest tokens.

The point is, I trust my friends to put me in an environment where I don’t have to chose a restaurant myself. I trust Waitrose to put worthy causes in front of me and am happy, as a quick decision strategy, to give to the charity that is less popular.

Trust is the issue

Decision making is tricky if you have people around you who are:

  • Manipulators
  • Downright hostile
  • Just not on your wavelength

Or if you feel you need to make a major change in your life

So if you are happy with your decision-making strategies, keep on doing what you are doing with the crowd you are with.

But if you need to make decisions to make changes in your life, the comfort of the crowd might not work for you.