When you want to make changes in your life but it’s not the right time

Posted by on May 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Have you ever had a situation where you want to make a change but you’re wondering whether it’s the right time? And then you can think up a dozen reasons why it isn’t the right time or it might never be the right time.

But if you really want it you’ll make it the right time.

If you can be really clear about what you want you’ll also be clear about when you want it and you can clarify about how you’re going to get it. But first of all you have to get past the block of “Oh it’s not the right time”.

In my coaching I commonly hear statements about why it’s not the right time:

  • I’m too busy at the moment
  • I have commitments elsewhere
  • I have projects I have to finish
  • Other people have expectations and I can’t let them down

And even “I’m not a quitter”

If you’re saying I’m too busy at the moment that may well be true. You’re always going to be busy and you’re already juggling priorities and using your skill set in the most effective way for the time available. So deciding to take on something new or to live life differently in a sense is just another priority that you can fit into your life. It should be no more andthe right time image no less difficult to do that than to fit in any other priority.

The key issue here is not so much that you don’t have time. The key issue is that you don’t have the brain-space or the focus to think about making changes. Very often setting a task to one side is done not because you don’t have time for it but because you can’t give the task the focus, concentration and input that you feel it needs. It’s lack of focusing ability rather than lack of time that is the problem here.

This isn’t because you’re not capable to focusing, rather the opposite – you are each day bringing into focus problems and issues that need your full attention and you only have so much energy in a day to do this.

So to spend time and focus on what seems like a personal development issue may seem a bit indulgent and can easily be put off.

Make no mistake though – you can do this day after day, week after week, year after year. You’ll find when you look back on your life you filled it with stuff that was important at the time but you’ve never really given time, space or focus to your own inner needs. If you continue to do this, you are living a life half-lived.

You owe yourself the time and space to focus in on your own personal life goals.

Coaching is a great way of doing this because in your coaching sessions you will have time, you will have space, you will have focus and you will have accountability, so it can greatly accelerate the process of self-discovery and can transform your life!

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